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"You really need to know what federal income tax bracket you're in to determine whether tax-free funds offer more of a benefit. As a rule of thumb, anyone who falls in the 36 or 39 percent tax bracket should consider tax-free funds."
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"They're getting into a range where, with no risk, their returns are competitive with long-term returns of bonds and equities that are higher, but are much more volatile."
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"Why shouldn't America, and American children, have the same level of protection that kids do in France and Germany and Poland and Russia and Armenia and Ireland and Norway and a host of other countries?"
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"Normally money market rates just sit there. But because we're in a rare period where the Fed is moving constantly, the rates bear watching. Nobody has to move tomorrow, but you want to monitor the rates and make sure your cash investment is going up. If your cash investment hasn't moved in the last few months, you're in the wrong place."
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