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"America feels like home as much as it does here. Although it's a strange situation as I feel almost like I'm in no-man's land some of the time, because although I'm a resident, I still can't vote so I don't really have a say in what goes on where I live."
Author: Savage Quotes Category: America Quotes
"I really don't feel any strong allegiance to any country."
Author: Savage Quotes Category: Country Quotes
"With some of my previous relationships, they never really felt right even from the beginning but I persevered with them."
Author: Savage Quotes Category: Beginning Quotes
"I prefer the rather old and battered, things with character, to the brand new."
Author: Savage Quotes Category: Character Quotes
"But it's funny that now I'm in such a happy situation, I look more objectively at my own past and see what others have seen for a long time and I'm just so glad I've been able to get to this point."
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"And really, it's my home life that my own personal foundation is based on and not necessarily the life within the band."
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"Thinking about what songs are coming next instead of just relaxing, breathing and playing from my heart. Sometimes it can get to be almost like the enemy."
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"There's so much that has been before the human race, and just contemplating that and then the earliest forms of communication, hand claps, body slaps and then ultimately the drum, which was really the first way that man could imitate the first sound they heard: their mothers heartbeat."
Author: Savage Quotes Category: Race Quotes
"You know, even though you have a limb severed, the signals keep running down the nerves so I still get an itch on my elbow or whatever."
Author: Savage Quotes Category: Running Quotes
"Sometimes it's a negative because I still have a memory of some of the things I could do... when I still had two arms."
Author: Savage Quotes Category: Memory Quotes
"I feel so incredibly vulnerable and exposed when I have to talk into a microphone and bare my soul so to speak."
Author: Savage Quotes Category: Soul Quotes
"Before my accident I was a little too... selfish and self-absorbed and for me, to now be at the place where I can kinda give back and inspire people. I'm blessed. I'm really blessed."
Author: Savage Quotes Category: Self Quotes
"Just the same way I'd say a prayer before going onstage, taking that even further and using the drum to inspire people. And using that as a vehicle for the intention."
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