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Jay Suskind Quotes

6 Jay Suskind quotes:

"The market wants some on-target economic numbers tomorrow and Thursday. We want an equilibrium in the economy. If the numbers are too strong or weak, the interest rate debate would rage on. The numbers need to show moderation."
"There's pent up optimism that the next couple of quarters should be OK for corporate America and the economy because the interest-rate environment has stabilized."
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"It shows you the importance of interest rates and what the Fed thinks. This gives us hope that the Fed will be sensitive to the economy and we can get back to that nice 'Goldilocks' economy where growth is just right."
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"Those were three lousy numbers from an economic perspective. There is the intimation of a slowdown led by the housing market and if the consumer rolls over, then we have a problem."
"I think it's the same old story: The economy certainly surprises us by how resilient it is. It's also a question of how the market interprets those numbers. I think it'd rather see a stronger economy with higher interest rates."
"(Commodities prices rising) would certainly seep through the economy, and the Fed is going to hike rates to keep that inflation under control."

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