Richard Archer Quotes

5 Richard Archer quotes:

"There's towns just like ours in America. I think what we say is quite universal."
Author: Archer Quotes Category: America Quotes
"The look in his eyes said it all."
Author: Archer Quotes Category: Eyes Quotes
"No, it's this decade, the one we're living in. It's the only thing that can influence you."
Author: Archer Quotes Category: Influence Quotes
"We're quite happy to come and gatecrash things."
Author: Archer Quotes Category: Happiness Quotes
"We made it on a cheap PC that couldn't get enough power and kept crashing. We'd borrow microphones, cords and pieces, and we made our own kind of soundproofing. That's what I mean about trying to be great with what you've got. ... It gives you a sound that no one else has got because no one else is doing it in that room. It's like the great Stones records where you hear Charlie Watts miss a beat or you hear Mick in the background encouraging the backing singers. It's amazing."
Author: Archer Quotes Category: Power Quotes

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