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Jeff Cohen Quotes

9 Jeff Cohen quotes:

"There is clearly going to be a lot of debate and a lot of compromises before we get a final product."
Author: Cohen Quotes Category: Debate Quotes
"We never had a conversation about which candidate Rick Greenspan liked. I gave him my opinion. I said, 'Steve Alford would be a great candidate.' I gave him my opinions. But it wasn't until recently that we had conversations about who was out there, who was available, who was interested, what our options were, that sort of thing. It hasn't been a very long time."
Author: Cohen Quotes Category: Conversation Quotes
"There is no better time than the holidays to make that introduction. You have so many family members together, you don't have to go out of your way to plan a special function."
Author: Cohen Quotes Category: Family Quotes
"Once you have two buyers, you can usually make the assumption that you have a limited downside risk."
Author: Cohen Quotes Category: Risk Quotes
"Connie loves the food there, and we thought it would be a fun, different place to have an event."
Author: Cohen Quotes Category: Food Quotes
"It's been incredibly frustrating. The US government gave permission for the doctors to live in America, in freedom."
Author: Cohen Quotes Category: America Quotes
"Hard work, not workplace romance, should be the primary tool to get ahead in your career. Sleeping your way to the top is a Hollywood clichŽ, not a viable option for advancing your job prospects."
Author: Cohen Quotes Category: Hollywood Quotes
"They already feel a certain amount of responsibility for what happened to them."
"We want a vehicle that ... can gain as much support from the delegation as possible and the support of the House so that we have a realistic chance of passing legislation that protects Florida."
Author: Cohen Quotes Category: Support Quotes

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