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"Corporate America is on the mend. The only downside of stronger productivity growth is that it means hiring is lagging. As far as downsides go, this is roughly the equivalent of eating your broccoli. It may be tough to stomach at first, but it makes you stronger and healthier in the long run."
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"They are trying to transform their economy. Georgia is trying to improve its economy."
"They rely on a lot of other things. When you look at economy in its totality, virtually everything is stronger than the employment data."
"The jobless recovery is well behind us. The economy right now is not really in a recovery mode, it's in a boom mode. Companies are going to be hiring out of fear if they don't, they lose an opportunity to make more money."
"That tells me not only is the global economy not strengthening, but it's getting weaker."
"All of Florida is doing well. Its economy is outperforming the nation by the largest margin in recent memory. You'd be hard pressed to find a weak area anywhere in the state."
"The economy should bounce back solidly in the first quarter."
"This is such a different type of disaster than we're accustomed to dealing with."
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"The relief money is coming in much faster than it has for any other natural disaster that I can remember. That should help minimize some of the hit on consumer spending,"
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"I don't think there's much doubt the Fed will raise rates by a quarter point each of the next three meetings. Even a really strong report probably won't cause them to raise rates by a half-point."
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"I don't have any faith that 32,000 jobs added reflects what's going on. The growing disconnect between the surveys is too much to dismiss."
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"Demand in the U.S. economy is reasonably strong and retailers are probably optimistic about the holiday shopping season so they are starting to order from abroad now. The trade deficit is going to take some time to turn around. It may not happen until next year."
"The leadership in the economy is going to shift from housing and consumers to businesses. There's nothing unusual about that. It's healthy."
"Our reading of the Dec. 13 minutes is that the members of the [Federal Open Market Committee] feel the economy is very close to achieving a near-perfect landing."
"This is another affirmation that we've gotten over the shock of the hurricanes and the economy is back on track to where it was before."
"I really can't recall a time in history when the Florida economy was as strong as it is today."
"it's somewhat surprising how resilient the economy has been, despite higher energy prices."
"We're just now realizing how badly off the economy was in the second quarter, ... The wider trade gap, along with the weakness we saw in the business inventory numbers that came out this week and weaker construction spending, will probably result in a second-quarter revised GDP number that will be zero or even slightly negative. It will be an eye-opening number, but it's no more worrisome than what we've seen."
"Overall this year the economy moved past the bursting of the stock market bubble. Tech companies finally started growing again and that's really benefited the Triangle."
"Alabama wanted to diversify its economy, and it paid up to do it."

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