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"The Miami economy is the strongest it has been in my memory as a professional economist, which goes back 22 years. International trade is booming. Population growth is strong. And all that growth is creating tremendous demand for services."
"The economy seems to be getting over the bursting of the tech bubble. It finally appears that the Triangle is firing on all cylinders."
"Consumers are fairly worried about the economy. ... I think the holiday season is going to be ho-hum,"
"In the end, we can work this out. It is $200 billion in spending for a $12 trillion economy, ... It's just a matter of how we finance it, not whether or not we can afford to do it."
"As long as energy prices remain high, they're likely to move in baby steps. I just don't think it's a slam dunk that they raise rates in December."
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"We're shifting from an economy driven by consumer spending and home building to one driven by business investment."
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"In the '90s we had irrational exuberance. Now we have excessive caution. And that's the biggest headwind this economy is facing, ... The lack of strong employment growth is one more reason for businesses to be cautious and can be a self-fulfilling prophesy."
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"Yesterday there was a little bit of a fear that maybe the housing market is not slowing down much and that the Fed has to do a little bit more, and today it takes some of that fear back out. They are really close to being done."
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"People keep asking, 'How can it be that we haven't seen energy prices bleed over into the core?' ... Our belief is that it will eventually show up in the core CPI, but it may not show up in 2005. It may be in first quarter of 2006."
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"It's beginning to look like the Fed was right all along ... and that the case for a recession has gotten a lot weaker. It looks like we're going to have a successful bumpy landing."
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"I truly believe that they would like to stop at 5 percent, but if we get a really strong number (for economic growth) in the first quarter it may be hard to do that."
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"Anecdotal evidence and common sense suggests that core inflation has not been anywhere near this tame."
"Anecdotal evidence and common sense suggests that core inflation has not been anywhere near this tame,"
"Just as when you save for kids' college, you don't want all your money in stocks two years before they start school. Now that the boomers are starting to retire, there's a lot more interest in bonds and longer-dated paper."
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"But pension accounting is awfully complicated and it's an awfully big company, so it's not surprising the markets would get a little spooked by it."
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"We expect a big jump in consumer confidence now that the effects of Katrina and higher gas prices are further behind us. Higher confidence will lead to a better-than-expected holiday shopping season as well."
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"The debate about tax cuts shouldn't be whether they helped or not -- they clearly helped taxpayers. The debate should be whether we can afford them and whether they can lead to a sustained recovery in economy."
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"Overall supply and demand are moving into much better balance. With that, we're likely to see far less price appreciation than we saw in 2005."
"We haven't seen that much improvement in employment of hourly workers because the job market for lower-skill workers still has a lot of slack in it. But if you look at skilled workers, it's a much different picture. We're starting to see some real shortages in some sectors."
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"The improvement in the unemployment rate has been very steady, which looks very believable. It points to a probable undercount in (payroll) employment."
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