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Vince McMahon Quotes

44 Vince McMahon quotes:

"You can say what you want about Vince McMahon, but he was the best ... He was a genius at creating stories for the wrestlers."
Author: McMahon Quotes Category: Genius Quotes
"In America it's live by the sword of freedom of expression and be will to die by it as well."
"One of the public things that my character (Mr. McMahon) says is that I always do everything I do for WWF fans."
Author: McMahon Quotes Category: Character Quotes
"It's Bret choice not to want that. I'm alright with it."
Author: McMahon Quotes Category: Choice Quotes
"The original Saturday Night Main Event was a pop culture phenomenon with a rich history of big moments. We promise to make the new Main Event in prime time on NBC even bigger and better."
Author: McMahon Quotes Category: Culture Quotes
"Quite frankly, I prefer 90-minute events."
Author: McMahon Quotes Category: Events Quotes
"I thought it would be great for WWF fans, especially Canadians, to see Bret back in some capacity."
"I guess maybe another gift I have is a great work ethic."
"We do have our finger on the pulse of the marketplace, if for no other reasons than having all these live events and listening to our audience all the time."
"So we're living by that sword, and we're going to cut every now and then from it's backlash."
"I'm not too good at lying still in the sun."
"The Rock will always come back to us."
"It's difficult to do that internally, because you're flying five, six hours."
"The standards are being lowered, not just on the Internet, but in all of news and media."
"That crossover of whether it's entertainment or news is the biggest crock of b.s. in television today, because it's all entertainment."
"So no, I don't think we've lost our edge at all."
"I think that the Internet - and I do love the free flow of ideas on the 'Net - is like the wild west of the information world."
"As far as sustaining our popularity, I believe we can."
Author: McMahon Quotes Category: American Entertainer Quotes Popularity Quotes
"But other than that, no, I'm not flattered by what I read when people call me a genius and things of that nature because I'm not."
"There's no Hollywood outlet for this. The Rock's hooked, like all of us are."
Author: McMahon Quotes Category: Hollywood Quotes

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