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9 Joe Solmonese quotes:

"Corporate America knows that treating employees fairly is not just the right thing to do, it's good for the bottom line,"
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"It is unacceptable to pull the rug out from under hundreds of thousands of our neighbors living with HIV/AIDS and simply say your government is not there for you. We should be focusing on ways to improve these programs, not shoving them not the cutting room floor."
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"The American people deserve justice, not prejudice. With judges like Pryor on the courts of appeal, the Supreme Court is more important than ever."
"The conversation was more about the message and how to talk about the issues. I think that everyone in that room was committed to us on the issues."
"The Human Rights Campaign has been proud to be part of the enormous progress made on the road to equality over the last 25 years, ... While we have miles to go, the national dinner gave us an opportunity to look at the distance we've crossed."
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"When others have shied away, our awardees have shown great commitment in their advocacy for equal rights, ... It is our pleasure to say, 'Thank you for never backing down. Today, we are closer to equality because of your work.'"
"With a Chief Justice who's been given a stamp of approval by the extreme right-wing, it's critical that the next Justice preserve a fair and balanced Court,"
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"The real debate around this witch hunt isnt between us and the Vatican, its between the Vatican and the truth,"
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"[Joe Solmonese, president of Human Rights Campaign, a national gay-rights advocacy group, said the experience of Washington's outer suburbs underscores changes in attitudes.] We're talking about our community's willingness and comfort level living anywhere, ... And not just our own community, but society's view has changed so much in the last few years."

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