Bill Archer Quotes

10 Bill Archer quotes:

"This is a superb bill for America. It lets people keep their money, increases growth and job opportunity, and it's just the beginning. You ain't seen nothing yet."
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"The budget surplus is real, not imagined, and it means that the tax is no longer needed,"
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"This year, our only issue is competitiveness."
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"I haven't seen this kind of support [for a tax cut] in the 26 years I've been in Congress."
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"We are not looking to block access or control access of our customers to content on the internet in any shape, way or form. It would be counter to our own interests because we have a very large broadband business."
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"It provides tax relief ... from the childhood years to the education years, from the savings years to the retirement years,"
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"Quiet as can be between shifting. When you go to neutral it stops, no motor running, no nothing. It's quiet."
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"There's nothing in this bill that invades the Social Security trust fund,"
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"Big companies are global, and they want to integrate their systems because it is cheaper to work with a single telecommunications company around the world. Our challenge is to globalize our U.S. base, which we are doing at a quick pace, and to help multinationals in Europe, Japan and the rest of Asia globalize their business."
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"There's an appetite for tax reform. Until you see what it is."

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