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Gerry Hunsicker Quotes

7 Gerry Hunsicker quotes:

"At this point, things couldn't be any better. But, in reality, you don't win pennants in January and February. Reality will set in in another week or two."
Author: Hunsicker Quotes Category: Reality Quotes
"With (Reiner) in place and the plans we have to establish a presence in Latin America, this will allow the Devil Rays to be a major force in acquiring and developing Latin American talent."
Author: Hunsicker Quotes Category: America Quotes
"I'm here to support what Andrew wants to do."
Author: Hunsicker Quotes Category: Support Quotes
"In my mind, this is a special opportunity that we have to do something great. But, like any year, a lot of things will have to go your way."
Author: Hunsicker Quotes Category: Mind Quotes
"Bagwell did one interview that suggested that management did their part, now it's up to us to do our part. That's a pretty profound statement, especially here where the criticism has been that we haven't always done what we needed to do to put a winner on the field."
"We have a chance to do some things here that quite frankly don't exist anywhere else in baseball, ... Namely, the support of an owner that has the trust and confidence in us to say you guys tell me, you guys chart the course, you guys tell us where we need to go and how we need to get there. That's exciting. It's like having a blank canvas if you're an artist and letting your imagination run wild."
Author: Hunsicker Quotes Category: Baseball Quotes
"I can't remember a year when there's been this much parity in baseball, when so many teams are still in contention. This could be one of those unique years where everyone stays in contention until the end of September. But, chances are, as we get into the middle of August, some teams will start to fall to the wayside."
Author: Hunsicker Quotes Category: Baseball Quotes

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