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"The service that may be offered to the faithful and non-Christian spouses who are going through difficulties would be misleading if one encouraged in them, even if only implicitly, the tendency to forget the indissolubility of the union itself. In this way, the possible intervention of the ecclesiastical institution in the causes of annulment would run the risk of becoming a simple proof of a failure."
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"These days we are all pained by the disaster caused by the hurricane in the United States of America."
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"This unbounded and almost incomprehensible love of God for man shows to what point the human person is worthy of being loved for himself, regardless of any other consideration -- intelligence, beauty, health, youth, integrity, etc.."
"To welcome the Redeemer in his life is for man a source of profound joy, a joy that can give peace even in times of trial. Be, therefore, servants of Truth to take the joy that God wants to give every man."
"These children have suffered a most violent trauma. We must help them to be able to forget the tragedy so that they will be witnesses of peace for the future of humanity."
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"His illness, which he faced with courage, made us all aware of human pain, of every physical and spiritual pain; he gave suffering dignity and value, showing that man isn't just worthy because of his efficiency and how he appears, but because of himself, because he is created and loved by God."
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