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Bob Kerrey Quotes

9 Bob Kerrey quotes:

"There's democracy in India and South Africa. We have to put the spotlight on those places that demonstrate if you're willing to work hard and sustain the effort through the disappointment of failure... but if you have people willing to sustain the effort, people who believe humanity has a good side, you can make it work."
Author: Kerrey Quotes Category: Failure Quotes Disappointment Quotes
"[Former senator Bob Kerrey made the point well when he told his fellow 9/11 commissioners and the television audience that] this document of Fox News, ... this is a background briefing. And all of us that have provided background briefings for the press before should beware. I mean, Fox should say 'occasionally fair and balanced' after putting something like this out. Because they violated a serious trust. ... So I object to what they've done, and I think it's an unfortunate thing they did."
Author: Kerrey Quotes Category: Television Quotes
"Many of the things that are being said, if they are believed by the American people as the truth, will cast a pall of illegitimacy over the vice president if he ends up being the person that wins,"
Author: Kerrey Quotes Category: Truth Quotes Vice President Quotes
"I just think they've made a terrible mistake, at least leaving the impression that if the boss wants the conclusion to be A, you're going to deliver intelligence in order for that conclusion to be A, because that's what he wants."
"I think the Congress should begin to examine what they need to subpoena, ... They clearly need to get to the bottom of this."
Author: Kerrey Quotes Category: Congress Quotes
"They're both helping (the reform issue) by bringing it into their campaign. The debate about Social Security is likely to increase the chances that next year, or soon after, Congress will take action."
Author: Kerrey Quotes Category: Debate Quotes
"Bill has the vision to challenge America to greatness and the integrity to restore the nation's faith in our public institutions."
Author: Kerrey Quotes Category: America Quotes
"Kenneth Starr's approval rating is lower than Saddam Hussein's,"
Author: Kerrey Quotes Category: Approval Quotes
"Kenneth Starr's approval rating is lower than Saddam Hussein's."
Author: Kerrey Quotes Category: Approval Quotes

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