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"Most conservatives have been historically strong defense people, but have been reluctant to embrace the idea that America can dictate the form of government to other states and other peoples."
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"Both sides know the last election was just the beginning of the next election. It's clear there has been no attempt to have any kind of getting along."
"We don't want this argument to be obscured by those who would suggest that anyone who is for more and more government power is somehow on the side of the right, and those who are against it or are skeptical of such grants are on the side of the wrong. This is an important question of all Americans on the left, the right or in the middle."
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"Their argument is extremely dangerous in the long term because it can be used to justify all kinds of things that I'm sure neither the president nor the attorney general has thought about. ...The American system was set up on the assumption that you can't rely on the good will of people with power."
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"The flow of blood has been stanched."
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