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Wanda Jackson Quotes

32 Wanda Jackson quotes:

"It's not available in America, we don't have a distribution company or a label yet, but in Denmark, at the first of the year, I recorded with a group called the Alligators."
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"You know, no one steered people's careers in those days, I don't think, like they do today."
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"You could have a hit in California that no one had heard of in Oklahoma."
"I loved Carl Perkins, Jerry lee Lewis... not only were they personal friends."
"None of the other guys in the band really sang, so that's when I brought Roy Clark in."
"I learned so much about recording and about singing on records from Ken Nelson."
"It would be nice to say that I planned all of this, that this was exactly what I'd planned, but it was just one of those things that happened."
"I didn't realize how many true Rockabilly fans there were here in America."
"I'm still learnin'. I pick up something from every performer I watch."
"There wasn't so many ISSUES like there are today. It was a simpler time."
"As I go back and listen, the other girls weren't singing quite like I was."
"So, it's nice to know that you've inspired someone to do their life's work."
"But, we didn't have all the media that we do today."
"I really appreciate people like Rosie coming out and saying I've inspired them."
"Yeah, they let me do whatever I wanted to."
"I have some of the old videos of my performances on it."
"Right, different generations come along, and discover the music, I think."
"So, television wasn't really new to me."
"It really is, to see that this kind of music is still so popular."
"It seems like the good things that have happened in my career are things that you don't try to plan and push, and make it happen, it just seems to happen."

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