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14 Ron Bonjean quotes:

"The administration has not requested disaster funding. We'll have to consider it in the regular process in the way in which Congress does business at this point."
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"Sen. Lott believes this is an effort to open a dialogue on the serious issues of race, diversity and opportunity between Americans. This will be an ongoing effort."
Author: Bonjean Quotes Category: Diversity Quotes
"We were wondering why the ethics committee was being held up for more than a year. Now we may know the reason."
Author: Bonjean Quotes Category: Ethics Quotes
"The speaker believes the minority leader should ask Representative Mollohan to step aside from the ethics committee during this investigation."
Author: Bonjean Quotes Category: Ethics Quotes
"The American people want Congress to find sincere ways to pay for Hurricane Katrina, and we are pressuring ourselves to get this done."
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"The Speaker thinks it's a good move on their part so that Congress can properly review this deal."
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"We appreciate them sending the president a clean debt-limit extension."
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"The Speaker believes that while these contributions were legal, it is appropriate to donate the money to charity."
Author: Bonjean Quotes Category: Charity Quotes
"Though the speaker believes the contributions are legal, he also believes it would be appropriate to donate them to charity."
Author: Bonjean Quotes Category: Charity Quotes
"The speaker is concerned about Congressman Evans' health and hopes he gets well and returns to work when he feels better."
Author: Bonjean Quotes Category: Health Quotes
"It is clear that we need a new chairman of the Consumer Product Safety Commission immediately. Sen. Lott is disappointed that Mary Sheila Gall, who is a clearly a qualified candidate, has not been confirmed by the Senate due to personal partisan attacks."
Author: Bonjean Quotes Category: Safety Quotes
"The speaker wants members on both sides of the aisle to understand the nuances of House rules."
Author: Bonjean Quotes Category: Rules Quotes
"The Speaker believes that we should be as inclusive as possible. We have several women that would make outstanding leaders."
"He brings a fresh perspective to the issues at hand. We are lucky to have him."

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