Earl Blumenauer Quotes

5 Earl Blumenauer quotes:

"To the best of my knowledge, ... there is not city in America -- large or small -- where people who are at minimum wage can afford basic housing."
Author: Blumenauer Quotes Category: America Quotes
"We were taking an agency that was maybe 1 percent dealing with homeland security and 99 percent disaster, and folding it into something where it could lose focus and resources, ... And that is what's happened."
"Areas which are magnets to our creative class, ... are in communities that would have been gone if the old way of thinking had taken place."
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"I think this is an affirmation of the value of Public Broadcasting. I think it's going to lead this week to hundreds of people changing their wills."
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"The city has always been at risk because of its low-lying location,"
Author: Blumenauer Quotes Category: Risk Quotes

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