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"He told me some of our guys were having trouble hitting the goalie in warmups."
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"The landscape is still very hazy for next year, but clearly Patrick's stock has certainly gone up. The consistency of his performances is what has been most pleasing for us."
"We are very proud to be recognized by Yellow Ribbon America and the National Guard for our support of American troops and their families. As a veteran myself, I understand the importance of local, neighborhood-level support for military families. We feel it is a privilege and honor to be in a position to make a direct, positive impact on the lives of those who are in service to their country."
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"If something happens, it's going to be sociological rather than technological. We won't see Y2K problems because of computers. It's just not going to happen."
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"I know he had 11 goals [as a freshman], but 10 of them were on the power play. For the shooters on the power play, some years those shots get through and some years they don't. He doesn't have to be a power-play quarterback to make our team."
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"I just think sometimes you have to have patience with these things, ... I go back to my lawyer days, doing all those big insurance claims [in Manitoba], and sometimes you are close but you just don't know it. It's hard to predict these things. And sometimes it's not so much a money matter as it is the timing. Sometimes things happen a little slower than you'd like, and that's the way it is. It's nothing personal at all -- you just have to be patient."
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