William Rehnquist Quotes

15 William Rehnquist quotes:

"Our judges will not continue to represent the diverse face of America if only the well-to-do or the mediocre are willing to become judges."
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"Pregnancy is of course confined to women, but it is in other ways significantly different from the typical covered disease or disability."
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"If you could say of any one individual that the court as an institution is the length and shadow of that individual, surely it would be John Marshall."
"It is always possible for the court to overreach its proper bounds and perhaps declare a lot of laws unconstitutional and frustrate the will of the majority in a way that it ought not be frustrated."
"Perhaps you should say there should be mandatory retirement even of members of the court, members of the federal judiciary. I'm sure there can be questions about whether one does as good work when you get into your - you know, I'm 67."
"I think it's safe to say that no one smelled more roses than my dad,"
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"The Constitution requires that Congress treat similarly situated persons similarly, not that it engage in gestures of superficial equality."
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"Miranda announced a constitutional rule that Congress may not supersede legislatively."
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"The Constitution does not guarantee the right to acquire information at a public library without any risk of embarrassment."
"We start with first principles. The Constitution created a federal government [whose] powers are few and defined. Those which are to remain in the state governments are numerous and indefinite,"
"Inadequate compensation seriously compromises the judicial independence fostered by life tenure. That low salaries might force judges to return to the private sector rather than stay on the bench risks affecting judicial performance. . . . Every time an experienced judge leaves the bench, the nation suffers temporary loss in judicial productivity. Diminishing judicial salaries affects not only those who have become judges but also the pool of those willing to be considered for a position on the federal bench."
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"an excellent administrator. No justice ever missed a deadline in the time he served."
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"Garvey said. ''He's been very important in getting the court to recognize limitations on congressional power."
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"I used to worry about every little footnote, ... Now I realize you just need five votes."
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"All principles of antitrust law are court made, so we need to be as clear as possible."
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