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David Cohen Quotes

10 David Cohen quotes:

"It appears the grand jury believed that he had no idea how severely she was hurt. I don't believe that he intended to ignore his daughter and what happened here is an unfortunate accident."
Author: Cohen Quotes Category: Hurt Quotes
"It will be a solid performance, given the strong year-end export numbers and the general strength already seen in the regional economies."
Author: Cohen Quotes Category: Performance Quotes
"Our unwillingness to do a deal is keeping the spotlight on this original sin."
Author: Cohen Quotes Category: Sin Quotes
"I think that it is an excellent school, but it ought also to be a model for how to conduct employee relations, between an employer and an employee, and I don't think that it does that,"
Author: Cohen Quotes Category: School Quotes
"The improvement in exports has been shared by regional neighbors. The electronics sector has been picking up in the region and the rest of the world, and that's one more sign that is continuing."
Author: Cohen Quotes Category: Improvement Quotes
"Consumer spending should be able to continue to contribute as it has in the past couple of quarters. The labor market is in better condition than it has been in a few years and that should be supportive of consumer spending."
Author: Cohen Quotes Category: Labor Quotes
"A relationship between MSN and AOL does make good sense for advertisers. It is a marriage of technology prowess and content."
Author: Cohen Quotes Category: Marriage Quotes
"It's still a fluid situation. It's still going to be a while yet before the free trade area is actually implemented. By the time it's relevant I would think some of these other countries would want to participate and the bargaining will continue."
Author: Cohen Quotes Category: Trade Quotes
"I think Malaysia can hold its own. The natural resources remain a source of strength and the record in recent years has been reasonably encouraging, so I don't think they have to be paranoid."
Author: Cohen Quotes Category: Strength Quotes
"Chile is one of the wealthier economies in Latin America and they would represent a market for the products coming out of Asia. This region is increasingly the manufacturing center of the world and certainly that would be part of any agreement."
Author: Cohen Quotes Category: America Quotes

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