Roman Kostomarov Quotes

8 Roman Kostomarov quotes:

"There is much more interest in ice dancing here than in America."
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"When you're fighting for the top three places, it's really hard to skate. Others were falling but we had a clean skate."
"We were sure of this dance and we hope to compete for the gold medal."
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"The rink is much smaller than the standard Olympic size so it's hard to skate perfectly, but I think we did okay."
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"The rink is much smaller than standard Olympic size, so it's hard to skate perfectly. We've only had two practices at this rink before today."
Author: Kostomarov Quotes Category: Hard Quotes
"Others were falling. But we had a clean skate. It was a tremendous responsibility."
"To tell the truth, we were waiting for this medal and we are really happy. We did a lot of work. It feels so great to win the medal. It's something incredible."
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"There are so many elements now that's why people make so many mistakes."

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