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"For Chavez, Fox is a surrogate of the United States in Latin America. For Fox, coming on against Chavez is low-cost, since he's in his last year (in office), weakened at home ... . Standing firm on anything offers him possible gains."
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"They're going to try to make an argument that simply cutting wages, slashing benefits, etc., is not the only way to go. Whether the bankruptcy judge buys that remains an open question."
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"Losing 30,000 jobs, closing 14 plants, has enormous consequences not just for the union, but for the future of their members. It is a major blow."
"These are very important findings that come at a critical moment in the immigration debate. What the study indicates is that if we view the contribution of immigrants to the total economy there may be important gains to all workers that have previously been ignored."
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"What we're looking at in Seattle is a debate over the rules of the game and how the environment and labor will be treated -- whether they will be debated elsewhere or whether they will become part of the core discussions about trade."
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"Miller, by taking such a visible and hard line, may have underestimated the UAW. The union would like to see a settlement, but not at the cost of 60 years of gains."
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"This was difficult for the union to do, but the union is being pragmatic. Its goal is to preserve jobs. It realizes the severity of the situation that GM is in."
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"What GM gets in changes in the jobs bank is likely going to be based on compromises they are willing to make elsewhere. The fact that they are talking about this so early is unusual and shows how important it is."
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"Labor is in some pretty tough rapids right now."
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"Historically, GM has been the most tone-deaf of the auto companies when it comes to labor issues. But York is speaking plainly and directly about critical issues between GM and the UAW."
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"Whatever the final language, it will be the benchmark of how other negotiations are judged. Since the auto workers won pensions in '48, a lot of things Detroit has done, for good or for bad, has set a pattern. This will be the case, even if the rhetoric of lifetime jobs guarantees outstrip the language."
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"When you have a defined contribution, it puts more of the risk onto the recipient, ... If insurance costs go up, that means that your coverage is affected."
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"The pain and surprise may come when Delphi wages are cut and it sets a pattern of pressing down on wages to succeed competitively, ... It reverses the success story of the American economy, which has always been that U.S. firms paid the most."
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"There's a cushion but it doesn't prevent the fall. It eases the pain but it's not the same as having the stability of a successful company."
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