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16 Sylvia Hatchell quotes:

"She had one turnover. I mean, I think that's why she's the best point guard in America."
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"I love playing over here. This is a great environment. This is what every coach and every player dreams of, to play in a situation like this."
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"Her excitement and enthusiasm and passion for the game, it makes people smile. I can't tell you the number of letters and e-mails and phone calls we have gotten from people that have just said how she brightens their day. ... I feel like the way we play and having a player like Ivory sells the game of basketball."
"She's our heart and soul. Her spirit and enthusiasm are what drives us."
"She just makes people smile. She makes people feel good. She brings a freshness to the game, and her enthusiasm can't help but spread."
"I think this will definitely help us. When you go through a tough environment like this, it makes you tough."
"We don't have the commitment to rebounding we need to have. We need to get better in that area."
"This is what you dream about as a player and a coach. I've been coaching 31 years, and this is what gets your heart pumping and your blood boiling to be in an environment like this."
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"It's an honor to play them and to have won this game."
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"I don't see that they have any weaknesses really. It's an honor to beat them because they're such a great team."
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"I didn't feel we were in rhythm today, especially after Ivory got hurt. She's our spark that gets us going, and I just felt that the energy that we normally have just wasn't there."
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"She is a force to be reckoned with out there. She's stronger, more aggressive and knows our system better."
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"I'm happy for our kids. They work really hard. But we know we can't relax. Everybody's going to be after us. And we want to be No. 1 at the end of the season."
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"I just think this is a real special group. They have a passion for playing, and not just playing but playing the way we play: up and down the court."
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"I am very confident with Alex and the rest of them out there. Alex has played a lot this year. She plays with Ivory, and I know when Ivory picked up her second foul and I took her out, we were behind at that time. Alex did a nice job running the team, and we got the lead back."
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"This could very easily be the national championship game. There will be a lot of talent on that floor."
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