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27 Randall Terry quotes:

"The homosexual community has more acceptance in America than it ever has, and the suicide rate is as high as it's always been."
"The Law of God reaches into every area of life, and it brings about incredible blessing and incredible freedom."
"We are not at the same place we were in 1973. This country today is drifting, moving steadily towards the pro-life position because the data is with us."
"We are saved by grace, not by the works of the law. But don't be so quick to write the law off."
"What kind of America do people want to leave for their children? What horrors are down the road, stuff that was unthinkable 30 years ago?"
"You don't know how to love God and your neighbor unless you look to the law to define it."
"In my wildest dreams, I could never have pictured this."
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