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Richard Pombo Quotes

9 Richard Pombo quotes:

"Everything we do when it comes to taking land for a public good or a public use, we pay them for it. But when it comes to the Endangered Species Act right now they get it for nothing, so they don't want to have to pay for it,"
Author: Pombo Quotes Category: Land Quotes
"This month Mother Nature proved just how vulnerable America is to supply disruptions, ... We must do more to increase and to diversify domestic supplies."
Author: Pombo Quotes Category: America Quotes
"What we were able to do was reach a compromise where states would have much greater control over their coastlines than what they do under current law and current regulation, ... It protects those states who do want to protect their coastline and don't want to have more coastal development."
Author: Pombo Quotes Category: Compromise Quotes
"In our bill we protect the small property owners, ... It was a compromise, a reasonable way to protect endangered species, to protect the habitat which they need to recover."
Author: Pombo Quotes Category: Compromise Quotes
"Rural American families who depend on firewood to heat their homes will be hit just as hard as those who use oil and natural gas."
"Floridians cannot support your efforts if the Peterson-Abercrombie amendment remains a part of your bill."
Author: Pombo Quotes Category: Support Quotes
"It's been a pleasure watching Matador grow."
Author: Pombo Quotes Category: Pleasure Quotes
"The purpose of this bill is to protect my private property owners, ... and to make them willing participants in protecting species and their habitat."
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"the states should have ultimate authority over resource production, including the power to prevent it, in the deep waters off their coasts."
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