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"August isn't exactly a barnburner for job creation. It didn't appear as if corporate America flicked on the hiring switch last month. I think there were a lot of problems plaguing big business. So I don't think we're going to get a big jobs number."
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"The February drop in retail sales is not a sign that the economy is losing momentum. It is simply a payback for extraordinary numbers in January."
"As the economy goes, so, too, goes job creation."
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"I can't see the state of job creation changing for the better anytime soon."
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"What economists see as half full, investors see as half empty."
"Elevated energy prices, questionable holiday spending and the rising interest rate environment are sending yellow caution flags around many corporate board rooms."
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"We caution investors; one month of stellar job creation does not a trend make. And since the entire Street has diminished economic growth projections for 2005, we have to stick to our guns of slower, not stronger, job creation in coming months."
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"We've passed the complaining stage and entered the actionable phase."
"So we don't get the gold medal in housing this year ? we have to settle for the bronze. There's still plenty of demand for housing in the U.S., even with the higher mortgage rates."
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"We're more likely to get between 100,000 to 200,000, maybe 250,000 jobs a month in the coming months, and fluctuating -- very choppy,"
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"It's not all roses in the labor market. I think the worst is behind us, but we're more likely to have flat, or sideways, movements in job creation for the next year, year and a half."
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"The labor market is very healthy. The most important economic indicator for the average person is their job. As long as people are working, they're earning and that's offsetting a great deal of the pain from record prices at the pump."
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"The sentiment I get from the Beige Book, along with listening to quarterly earnings conference calls, and just the general tone of my conversations with people who have their fingers on the trigger of hiring, say companies are just not doing much of it."
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"The industrial production number is the benchmark -- other surveys, while they're good, pale in comparison to the strength this indicator has."
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"I give him an A-plus. Job 1 was, 'Don't upset the market,' and he didn't do that."
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