Agnes Smedley Quotes

27 Agnes Smedley quotes:

"Like all my family and class, I considered it a sign of weakness to show affection; to have been caught kissing my mother would have been a disgrace, and to have shown affection for my father would have been a disaster."
"No one yet knows what a man's province is, and how far that province, as conceived of today, is artificial."
"What a couple. I'm consumed into ashes. And he's always raking up the ashes and setting them on fire again."
"And the woman who could win the respect of man was often the woman who could knock him down with her bare fists and sit on him until he yelled for help."
"But he like my mother, had certainly come to know that those who work the most do not make the most money. It was the fault of the rich, it seemed, but just how he did not know."
"But I see no reason why a woman should not grow and develop in all those outlets which are suited to her nature, it matters not at all what they may be."
"Everybody calls everybody a spy, secretly, in Russia, and everybody is under surveillance. You never feel safe."
"For the first week of the Sian events I was a first aid worker in the streets of Sian."
"Gambling in the mark has been the great indoor sport of the capitalists for months, and consequently food has increased by 25 to 100 per cent."
"Germany is in terrible condition this year. This is particularly true of the working masses, who are so undernourished that tuberculosis is having a rich harvest, particularly of adolescent children."
"I feel like a person living on the brink of a volcano crater."
"I hate female men."
"I have lived in the homes of workers; they live on boiled potatoes, black bread with lard spread on it instead of butter, and rotten beer."
"I have no objection to a man being a man, however masculine that may be."
"I have written for years of the Red Army, yet my first living contact with it was with these peasants. They did not understand me."
"I joined another circle and the leader gave us a little leaflet in very small print, asking us to read it carefully and then come prepared to ask questions. It was a technical Marxist subject and I did not understand it nor did I know what questions to ask."
"In one hotel, the maid who built the fire fainted in our room. Exhaustion was the cause. We talked with her later and learned that she worked 17 hours a day and makes 95 marks a month - about 50 cents."
"In the little hall leading to it was a rack holding various Socialist or radical newspapers, tracts, and pamphlets in very small print and on very bad paper. The subjects treated were technical Marxist theories."
"More and more do I see that only a successful revolution in India can break England's back forever and free Europe itself. It is not a national question concerning India any longer; it is purely international."
"Much that we read of Russia is imagination and desire only."

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