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"I feel I am one of the best three skaters in America."
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"Skating takes up 70 percent of my time, school about 25 percent. Having fun and talking to my friends, 5 percent. It's hard. I envy other kids a lot of things, but I get a guilt trip when I'm not training."
"I always thought after 2002 that I'd hang up my skates and turn professional and just go on tour and do shows. But I don't know when it is enough. I mean, I still enjoy it. I'm the luckiest girl alive that I get to perform in front of thousands of people, do what I love doing."
"I was so worried about winning, it was as if I was caught up in my own web."
"I got a call this morning, and it was from Nancy Kerrigan, wishing me luck. She wished me luck and sent me all her good wishes."
"I had to go through my programs. There was no audience, no feedback, so that was difficult. I tried to stay within myself and stay present and go through everything. Today wasn't the Olympics."
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"I've learned that it's not about the gold. It's about the spirit of it and about the sport itself. I have no regrets. I tried my hardest and if I don't win the gold, that's OK. I've had a great career. This is a sport. It's beautiful."
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"Thinking gold is good. I'm staying positive, feeling good. I'm injury free. So right now, it's just going for it."
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