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11 Ludwig Mies quotes:

"Let us guide our students over the road of discipline from materials, through function, to creative work. Let us lead them into the healthy world of primitive building methods, where there was meaning in every stroke of an axe, expression in every bite of chisel."
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"A chair is a very difficult object. A skyscraper is almost easier. That is why Chippendale is famous."
"Means must be subsidiary to ends and to our desire for dignity and value."
"True education is concerned not only with practical goals but also with values. Our aims assure of us of our material life, our values make possible our spiritual life."
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"Simply by not owning three medium-sized castles in Tuscany I have saved enough money in the last forty years on insurance premiums alone to buy a medium-sized castle in Tuscany."
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"I don't want to be interesting. I want to be good."
"God is in the details."
"Less is more."
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"If teaching has any purpose, it is to implant true insight and responsibility. Education must lead us from irresponsible opinion to true responsible judgement. It must lead us from chance and arbitrariness to rational clarity and intellectual order."
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"Architecture is the will of an epoch translated into space."
"Architecture starts when you carefully put two bricks together. There it begins."

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