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Leonid Kuchma Quotes

10 Leonid Kuchma quotes:

"I know there are some people who hate President Kuchma ferociously, because they have not managed to come to power and they will never come to power,"
Author: Kuchma Quotes Category: Hate Quotes
"The world has closed its eyes to the humanitarian catastrophe in Azerbaijan, where every seventh citizen is a refugee."
"I want to note that the guilty must be punished. And just those, those with direct and full responsibility for the tragedy. Not the second-class, little men."
"forceful, revolutionary way, disregarding economic consequences."
"Dear Vitali, I watched your brilliant bout with interest and expectation,"
Author: Kuchma Quotes Category: Expectation Quotes
"we should not make a tragedy out of matters if it was a mistake. Bigger mistakes have been made."
Author: Kuchma Quotes Category: Mistakes Quotes
"It is clearly understandable that negotiations are extremely difficult, ... It is hard to recognize what compromise can be reached, but I think, and others agree with me, that a compromise is necessary for Ukraine."
Author: Kuchma Quotes Category: Compromise Quotes
"The guilty must be brought to justice, on this point there is no doubt,"
Author: Kuchma Quotes Category: Doubt Quotes
"Ukraine that existed before the elections no longer exists. It has been split up into two sides with absolutely opposite opinions,"
Author: Kuchma Quotes Category: Elections Quotes
"stand against any use of force that would lead to bloodshed."
Author: Kuchma Quotes Category: Force Quotes

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