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18 Jack Johnson quotes:

"It takes a long, hard effort and sustained determination to reduce crime. We will stay the course and we are confident that the numbers will continue to go down."
"We're just a bubble in a boiling pot."
"I made a lot of mistakes out of the ring, but I never made any in it."
"Slow down, everyone. You're moving too fast."
"It's as simple as something that nobody knows."
"Don't let your dreams be dreams."
"If it seems like you are playing around and not practicing, that's when you know you really love it."
"Our dreams are made of real things, like a shoebox full of photographs."
"The possession of muscular strength and the courage to use it in contests with other men for physical supremacy does not necessarily imply a lack of appreciation for the finer and better things of life."
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"It's easy to play on the edge when you are in an environment like this, especially playing against Canada. I feel I have to play like that in order to play a good game."
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"All the choices are made just purely on what seems like it would be fun. We don't always want to grow things. I think we're at a point where we feel pretty comfortable if we can keep things about the same."
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"What a fortunate fool..."
"There were so many fewer questions when stars were still just the holes to heaven..."
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"They were just people who loved being out in nature all the time,"
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"We are deploying resources to house our new citizens and to ease their suffering."
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"We aren't going to lose sleep over being bigger, faster and stronger and hitting hard. We know that's how we will have to play against the Canadians. We aren't going to change our game."
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"I heard some words from a friend on the phone, it didn't sound so good. The doctor gave him two weeks to live, I'd give him more. If I could."
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"He was a natural at the position. A lot people talk about arm strength and size, but there's also something to playing quarterback that involves the brain. David processed things very fast and did not make a mistake. He was like a control pitcher in baseball."
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