Lynn Swann Quotes

26 Lynn Swann quotes:

"I haven't cried this much since I was inducted into the Hall of Fame."
Author: Swann Quotes Category: Fame Quotes
"God knows Ed Rendell can't pay for everything he promised. We're going to have to make some tough decisions."
Author: Swann Quotes Category: God Quotes
"I was not a very good football player when I started out."
"Players today are concerned about the money, but the large dollars only go to those players who are the best."
"It is important this campaign be waged on a higher level of dignity and character. We will continue to move forward with our positive message for Pennsylvania."
Author: Swann Quotes Category: Character Quotes
"And historically the owners have used loyalty to a team or a city to hold players as opposed to always paying their worth."
"I feel like there should be more black head coaches."
"Professional sports is a business."
"We do not want to lose the Penguins. Mario Lemieux has worked hard to keep the team in Pittsburgh, and we want to try do what it necessary to make sure that happens."
Author: Swann Quotes Category: Hard Quotes
"It's a great opportunity for me and hopefully a great opportunity for the state of Pennsylvania to make some changes."
Author: Swann Quotes Category: Opportunity Quotes
"It's the beginning, we hope, of a new dynasty for the Pittsburgh Steelers."
Author: Swann Quotes Category: Beginning Quotes
"Coach Noll is not a great one for speeches. He's not the rah-rah type trying to fire us up in the locker room. He gets us ready to play and gives us a game plan that we've grown to believe is going to work. Usually it does."
Author: Swann Quotes Category: Fire Quotes
"When I was in college there was a girls' flag football league. The girls were extremely aggressive."
"I'm not doing this because I want to be famous and not because I want any power. In this country, the power is always with the people; the people we govern on borrowed time. I want to serve. My parents taught me to give back to the community."
Author: Swann Quotes Category: Country Quotes
"Some people play very, very well just so they won't get embarrassed."
"I think that most minorities have experienced some form of racial abuse."
"I took several years of dance lessons that included ballet, tap and jazz. They helped a great deal with body control, balance, a sense of rhythm, and timing."
"Now, I'm not here because I was that good. I'm here because of the people around me made me that good."
"Very often we see coaches who have not been successful being recycled, instead of looking to a new face or a new name who has demonstrated the ability to handle the job."
"We talk about freedoms for African-Americans but unless you have more than one option politically, how free are you?"

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