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37 Willie Mays quotes:

"I'm a very lucky guy. I had so many people help me over the years that I never had many problems. If I had a problem, I could sit down with someone and they would explain the problem to me, and the problem become like a baseball game."
"Maybe I was born to play ball. Maybe I truly was."
"It was all I could do to not scream. If they were closer they may have seen my eyes tearing up. Man, that hurt."
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"They throw the ball, I hit it. They hit the ball, I catch it."
"I think that all athletes should practice. They should practice, because you want to know what's happening as far as - when the game is concerned."
"I would try and help everybody, because the game was so easy for me. It was just like walking in the park."
"In order to excel, you must be completely dedicated to your chosen sport. You must also be prepared to work hard and be willing to accept constructive criticism. Without one-hundred percent dedication, you won't be able to do this."
"That's how easy baseball was for me. I'm not trying to brag or anything, but I had the knowledge before I became a professional baseball player to do all these things and know what each guy would hit."
"I think I was the best baseball player I ever saw."
"I don't mean to be bashful, but I was."
"I remember that last season I played. I went home after a ballgame one day, lay down on my bed, and tears came to my eyes. How can you explain that? You cry because you love her. I cried, I guess, because I loved baseball and I knew I had to leave it."
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"Every time I look at my pocketbook, I see Jackie Robinson."
"At ten I was playing against 18-year-old guys. At 15 I was playing professional ball with the Birmingham Black Barons, so I really came very quickly in all sports."
"I played with the Birmingham Black Barons. I was making 500 at 14. That was a lot of money in those days."
"I was very blessed with a good body. Never got hurt. Never was in the hospital. The only time I was in the hospital was when I would get exhausted a little bit, and go in for a check-up or something."
"And my father didn't have money for me to go to college. And at that particular time they didn't have black quarterbacks, and I don't think I could have made it in basketball, because I was only 5' 11". So I just picked baseball."
"I didn't say I was that smart, I said I went to class and I enjoyed what I was doing."

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