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"There's an inner feeling you get when you get in a situation to do well in a game. It's hard to explain."
"The strongest thing I put into my body is steak and eggs. I just eat. I'm not a supplement guy. Steroids are not even a thought."
"My dad told me when I went into high school, 'It's not what you do when you walk in the door that matters. It's what you do when you walk out.' That's when you've made a lasting impression."
"My favorite thing to do is still to go back to Peoria, go to my cabin and hunt with the boys. This is a great lifestyle, don't get me wrong. But fun for me is going back with my buddies I grew up with."
"I sign every autograph I can for kids because I remember myself at that age. I think it's ridiculous that some guys won't sign for a kid."
"That was probably one of the toughest decisions I ever had to make. But you make the decisions you make and you move on."
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"It's kind of hard to explain, but I hope they keep coming. You always try to get your swing locked in about a week, 10 days before the season starts. I've been able to do that. It seems like I've been able to square up a lot of pitches lately."
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"I do take a lot of pride in when I get on base, to be able to give it that best effort."
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