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"Looking ahead, the consensus expectation for a pickup in economic activity is not unreasonable, though the timing and extent of that improvement continue to be uncertain,"
"I find it difficult to believe, for example, that the crises that arose in Thailand and Korea would have been nearly so virulent had their central banks published data prior to the crises on net reserves instead of the not very informative gross reserve positions only,"
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"Until we experience an economic slowdown, we will not know for sure how much of the extraordinary rise in output per hour in the past five years is attributable to the irreversible way value is created and how much reflects endeavors on the part of the business community to stretch existing capital and labor resources in ways that are not sustainable over the long run,"
"As China's citizens experience economic gains, so will the American firms that trade in their expanding markets,"
"we may be governors of the Federal Reserve but we are also citizens of this country."
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"It has been an extraordinary privilege to be able to serve my country at the Federal Reserve, and I would be honored if the Senate saw fit to enable me to continue this association for another four years,"
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"We are very firm in the notion that this country should not visit the 1970s again in the way of inflation,"
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"only the peripheral winds of the Asian crisis."
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"Before the crisis broke, there was little reason to question the three decades of phenomenally solid East Asian economic growth, largely financed through the banking system, so long as the rapidly expanding economies and bank credit kept the ratio of non-performing loans to total bank assets low,"
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"The odds ... increasingly favor a revival in job creation,"
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"The demand for new computer applications will no doubt continue to spur demand for those with the creativity and the higher-level conceptual skills that will enable us to increasingly harness technology to produce greater economic value,"
"The growing stability of the world economy over the past decade may have encouraged investors to accept increasingly lower levels of compensation for risk."
"the amount of rate cuts required to revive the economy will not be deep."
"Despite some of the risks that I have highlighted, the U.S. economy seems to be on a reasonably firm footing, and underlying inflation remains contained,"
"The addition of the Chinese economy to the global marketplace will result in a more efficient worldwide allocation of resources and will raise standards of living in China and its trading partners,"
"is larger than that of Japan, and may be approaching half the size of the American economy."
"The type of economy that we are dealing with at this particular stage is, I suspect, one that none of us has seen before, and indeed it may be unprecedented in our history, ... Our basic purpose is to keep that process going."
"Technology and the Economy."
"Thus our baseline outlook for the U.S. economy is one of sustained economic growth and contained inflation pressures. In our view, realizing this outcome will require the Federal Reserve to continue to remove monetary accommodation."
"The economy is turning, and credit comes in with a lag, ... To the extent that a number of small firms are finding it difficult to get the credit they need at a price they can afford, that's likely to change for the better."

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