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144 Alan Greenspan quotes:

"in modest quantities does enhance the rate of growth of the economy and does create higher standards of living, but in excess, creates very serious problems."
"profound implications for the free world's trading system and the long-term growth potential of the American economy."
"The economy suffered significant shocks in late summer and early autumn,"
"a distinguished appointment. Ben comes with superb academic credentials and important insights into the ways our economy functions."
"With real energy prices on the rise, more rapid decreases in the intensity of energy use in the years ahead seem virtually inevitable,"
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"Because it is difficult to suppress growing market exuberance when the economic environment is perceived as more stable, a highly flexible system needs to be in place to rebalance an economy in which psychology and asset prices could change rapidly,"
"Greenspan will note the economy's robust growth pace in a low inflation environment, ... the downside risks of the international weakness . . . most recently Brazil."
"difficult to suppress growing market exuberance when the economic environment is perceived as more stable."
"In an environment of weak financial systems, lax supervisory regimes, and vague assurances about depositor or creditor protections, the state of confidence so necessary to the functioning of any banking system was torn asunder."
"new innovations have begun to alter the manner in which we do business and create value, often in ways not readily foreseeable even five years ago."
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"The one certainty is that the resolution of the nation's demographic challenge will require hard choices and that the future performance of the economy will depend on those choices."
"Any onset of increased investor caution elevates risk premiums and, as a consequence, lowers asset values and promotes the liquidation of the debt that supported higher asset prices, ... This is the reason that history has not dealt kindly with the aftermath of protracted periods of low risk premiums."
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"We cannot rule out a situation in which a preemptive policy tightening becomes necessary, ... Such caution seems especially warranted with regard to the sharp rise in equity prices during the past two years. These gains have obviously raised questions of sustainability."
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"...In an economy that already has lost some momentum, one must remain alert to the possibility that greater caution and weakening asset values in financial markets could signal or precipitate an excessive softening in household and business spending,"
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"The fear of job obsolescence,"
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"It is decidedly not true that "nice guys finish last," as that highly original American baseball philosopher, Leo Durocher, was alleged to have said."
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"Over most of the past several years, the behavior of unit labor costs has been quite subdued, ... But those costs have turned up of late, and whether the favorable trends of the past few years will be maintained is unclear."
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"The influence of capital gains on economic behavior ... is likely to be of substantial consequence for the prospective performance of the economy,"
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"The very few times which we have intervened have occurred, ... when we believe the markets are unstable and that intervention might have an impact."
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"reductions in demand for our exports and intensified competition from imports. All of this suggests that the growth of economic activity in this country will moderate from the recent brisk pace."

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