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144 Alan Greenspan quotes:

"The recent evidence increasingly suggests that an economic expansion is already well under way, although an array of influences unique to this business cycle seems likely to moderate its speed,"
"Risk and Uncertainty in Monetary Policy."
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"Keeping out competitively priced goods would materially lower our standard of living."
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"Technology is also damping upward price pressures through its effect on international trade,"
"What is not clear is whether the market values that are being placed on particular assets involved in this technology revolution are appropriately priced."
"Developing protectionism regarding trade and our reluctance to place fiscal policy on a more sustainable path are threatening what may well be our most valued policy asset: the increased flexibility of our economy, which has fostered our extraordinary resilience to shocks."
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"The ratio of the number of workers contributing to social security to the number of beneficiaries has declined to the point where maintaining the annuity value of benefits on retirement at a level well in excess of accumulated contributions has become extremely unlikely."
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"our current pay-as-you-go Social Security system unsustainable."
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"Investing a portion of the Social Security trust fund assets in equities as the administration and others have proposed would arguably put at risk the efficiency of our capital markets and, thus, our economy,"
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"investing Social Security trust fund assets in equities compromises the efficient allocation of our capital -- which?is so essential to raising our standards of living."
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"these borrowers, and the institutions that service them, could be exposed to significant losses."
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"[Calling developments this year] quite favorable, ... the expansion is self-sustaining."
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"Although household spending should continue to trend up, the potential for significant acceleration in activity in this sector is likely to be more limited than in past cycles,"
"Because there was little retrenchment during the cyclical downturn, the potential for a significant acceleration in activity in the household sector is likely to be more limited than in past business cycles,"
"China's progress towards prosperity and accession into the WTO will create new opportunities for American businesses and farmers,"
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"I find it utterly inconceivable, frankly, that we can have the type of potential fiscal outlook, which now confronts us over the next 15 to 20 years which, unless addressed, will not have a significant impact on long-term interest rates,"
"Demand may be moving closer into line with the rate of advance in the economy's potential, given our continued impressive productivity growth, ... Should this favorable outcome prevail, the immediate threat to our prosperity from growing imbalances in our economy would abate."
"rare occasion, warranted because of the potential for serious disruptions to markets."
"Indications that the extent of the application of existing technology is still far from complete, plus potential benefits derived from continuing synergies, support a distinct possibility that total productivity growth rates will remain high or even increase further,"
"But, given our current state of knowledge, I find it difficult to envision central banks successfully targeting asset prices any time soon,"

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