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32 Bobby Rahal quotes:

"As anybody will tell you that's ever driven one of those races, so many things can happen. Just staying out of everyone's way is half the battle."
"I'd rather try and fail than not try at all, as they say."
"If you look at Andretti Green, perhaps ourselves over the last several years, I think having more than two cars is an advantage."
"Today, the competition is considerably more intense."
"We tried to create advantages. We were never complacent."
"Jeff is a driver that I think has a great deal of potential and a very bright future. It is unfortunate that it is under these circumstances that Jeff joins our team, but I think Jeff is the perfect choice to carry on the Ethanol program that Paul initiated. Jeff has paid his dues and worked his way up through the ladder system. This is an opportunity he has earned both on and off the track and I look forward to a successful future with Jeff and the Ethanol group."
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"I am going to miss that time when you take that corner better than anybody else could have taken it on that lap or you do that great qualifying lap or you make that great pass or you bring a crippled car home."
"I guess it is the sense of personal satisfaction that racing gives you that I am probably going to miss, because in racing you get that feedback very quickly."
"I have never had problems sleeping the night before a race."
"I told them (the other drivers) I admired them and appreciated them because they're out racing these cars for people to see. These (cars) aren't hangar queens. They (the racers) are very selfless about sharing their love for these cars with everybody here. You could tell from the reception, with cars in the paddock area, that a lot of these fans here are excited to see these cars again."
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"Logicalis has helped us manage our IT resources proactively for optimum performance over the last three years. Technology is central to the success of any racing organization, and Logicalis has been a critical partner is helping Rahal Letterman Racing continue to be a championship team. We are looking forward to the next three years with Logicalis."
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"Competitiveness has been a big thing for me."
"There's a tremendous number of the Daytona Prototypes."
"I was working hard to stay ahead of Hamish. It is a real pleasure to see these cars run in anger."
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"You have 20-22 really strong cars and the quality of the drivers is awfully good."
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"I came up here for my first Formula Atlantic race in October of 1974 and watched that car win the race, and I thought, 'Man, there is nothing better than that,' ... I dreamed that when I got to Formula One I could drive a car like that."
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"If you are at all romantic about racing, it is so much fun to drive these cars and to really appreciate what they were like in a great era of Formula One,"
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"Being injured is something that happens in this sport. Anybody who gets into it understands that."
"I don't want people to remember me going through the motions."
"In 1982 when I showed up, the average age of the drivers in the series was something like 40, 41. The crowds were small. There was not much prize money. The competition wasn't very tight."

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