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Kit Williams Quotes

28 Kit Williams quotes:

"I made every single piece myself, each individual component, so it was quite time consuming."
"I started by looking at what others had done before me. You see, over the years there have been attempts by many different people to reconstruct the chariot."
"I think most artists find it difficult to part with their work but it's the parting that keeps us alive and keeps us working. In the case of the chariot, although it's been sold I actually still have it, just in another form."
"If you look closely you can see that they are all interconnected, symbolic of a never-ending circle in which it is simply impossible for the dog to catch the rabbit."
"In practical terms the South Pointing Chariot was a simple direction finder. It could have been made to point in any direction - north, south, east or west."
"Recreating the South Pointing Chariot is particularly challenging because none of the original technical drawings remain in existence."
"The chariot was purchased by a private collector who took it home to New York. I take pleasure in knowing that it was built to last for at least a thousand years."
"The dog and the rabbit are telling us not to chase unattainable material goals."
"The dog, the rabbit and the hoop all feature in the painting, and take the place of the orrery."
"The state law has basically no effect on city ordinances, which remain in effect as long as they are more strict than the state law. A city ordinance doesn't overrule state law. A city ordinance can't make things less strict than state law."
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"This thing would pay for itself to the city over time. This will generate new sales tax. I don't think anything would have happened on that site. It would have sat there and decayed without the help the city has provided through this redevelopment district. If the project would have worked without the city investing $3 million, then that site would have been developed a long time ago."
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"The city had probably made some inadvertent technical mistakes in computing overtime, ... The city had paid firefighters about what the Fair Labor Standards Act would have mandated, but we paid EMT pay, Hazmat pay and longevity pay as a specific amount every pay period rather than including it as a pay component for overtime pay computation."
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"As I was working I noticed that the way I designed the differential gearing actually created a spare drive that sat directly below the emperor's feet, or where they would be if he were to sit in the chariot."
"Having designed and built several clocks during my career it suddenly occurred to me that when you look at the face of a clock both hands have the same center."
"He was so tenacious he defied the distraction of women by refusing to have them in his presence, just as later in life he denied his blindness by calling for more and more candles."
"I took lots of photographs and had planned to write a treatise on how it worked, but I quickly got bored with that idea and wrote a scientific fairy tale instead."
"If we listen human instinct actually tells us what we need, but advertising makes us want things we don't need and things we can't have."
"In the fairy tale the painting represents the here and now. The book is actually divided into five sections, through which the key character, the muse, leads us."
"Legend has it that the original South Pointing Chariot was built in China three to four thousand years ago for the Yellow Emperor, Huang Di."
"Leonardo da Vinci, for example, was an expert on differentials and made thousands of drawings of gears in his lifetime, largely for military purposes."

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