Elizabeth Moon Quotes

29 Elizabeth Moon quotes:

"One of my degrees was a science degree in biology."
"Other people, including me, have written books with main characters who were old and rich. Or old and brilliant. Old sages, old wizards, old rich people."
"So I didn't think it was odd for women to have technological knowledge and yet be mothers, and very devoted family members and have friends."
"So when I got out of the military, I went back to school in biology, and earned a biology degree at the University of Texas, and then did some graduate work in it."
"There are relatively few science fiction or fantasy books with the main character being an old person."
"There were hardly any sports for girls when I was growing up, but I loved to race the guys and climb trees and all that sort of stuff."
"When a person responds emotionally to intellectual things, or emotionally only to traditional emotional things - I find that an interesting break between myself and some other writers and fans."
"When I was starting out, I did not do short fiction well, because I kept wanting to write books."
"You can also make explicit certain social problems which, again, would be prejudged or not encountered at all in real life, because people have set up defenses against it. Fantasy allows you to get past defenses."

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