William Greider Quotes

26 William Greider quotes:

"Animal-rights advocates remind us of this admonition: The ways in which people treat animals will be reflected in how people relate to one another."
"Americans cannot teach democracy to the world until they restore their own."
"A recent survey in Wisconsin found that only 6 percent of citizens believe their elected representatives serve the public interest."
"As the world's finest democracy, we do not do guillotines. But there are other less bloody rituals of humiliation, designed to reassure the populace that order is restored, the Republic cleansed."
"Children born today have a fifty-fifty chance of living to 100."
"Conceivably, we could be witnessing the start of a break from the era of US-led globalization in which Washington preached unfettered trade to the rest of the world."
"Everyone's values are defined by what they will tolerate when it is done to others."
"Folks in the bottom half of the economy are already squeezed hard. They will be bloodied and bankrupt if economic policy inadvertently induces a recession."
"If US per capita income continues to grow at a rate of 1.5 percent a year, the country will have plenty of money to finance comfortable retirements and high-quality healthcare for all citizens, including those at the bottom of the wage ladder."
"If we have wealth, it will be protected from inflation and possibly even enhanced in value."
"In 1900 Americans on average lived for only 49 years and most working people died still on the job."
"In this country you can say aloud or publish just about anything you like."
"Leaks and whispers are a daily routine of news-gathering in Washington."
"Nevertheless, I resist cynicism and continue to believe in the possibilities for genuine democracy."
"Obviously, people with low or even moderate incomes could not afford such savings rates, and even diligent savings from their low wages would not be enough to pay for either retirement or healthcare."
"The burnt odor in Washington is from the disintegrating authority of the governing classes."
"The Democrats should concentrate instead on how to spend money - lots of it - in smart, socially useful ways that help struggling wage earners."
"The do-it-yourself version of pensions is a flop, as many Americans have painfully learned."
"The economy is not governed with the bottom half in mind."
"The far more threatening problem is elsewhere - shrinking pensions, collapsed personal savings and soaring costs for health insurance."

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