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Ross Martin Quotes

6 Ross Martin quotes:

"The only people eligible to vote are the people who are living in the district. I would say there is an average of only five people per district."
Author: Martin Quotes Category: Living Quotes
"Not only will the winner get to make an EP, they also get to shoot a music video."
Author: Martin Quotes Category: Music Quotes
"There's tons of great music that has come out of Gainesville, and we know that. We're psyched to see what they come up with."
Author: Martin Quotes Category: Music Quotes
"We created a show and a scenario for college students where they can take what they learn in class every day and apply it to the real world."
"Our campaign is powered by college students who are not about to let the first genocide of the 21st century happen on their watch."
"It's a terrible incident and rest assured that anyone who behaves like that won't be in the employment of Stagecoach."
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