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Jeffrey Sachs Quotes

23 Jeffrey Sachs quotes:

"The Russian government not only acted corruptly, not only built up a new oligarchy of billionaires out of nothing, basically, but also gave away its most valuable financial assets-its ownership of the huge natural resource sector in Russia."
Author: Sachs Quotes Category: Government Quotes
"Development can really work everywhere. But most of sub-Saharan Africa, the Andean region, and Central Asia face obstacles."
Author: Sachs Quotes Category: Obstacles Quotes
"If you have billions and billions of dollars coming due in a country in a short period of time, and if a sense of panic develops among your creditors, so that everybody demands the money out all at once, it's almost inevitable that the debtor economy will collapse, because it won't be able to come up with that amount of money in a short period."
Author: Sachs Quotes Category: Country Quotes
"I want the donors to think ahead, not just handle the immediate crisis,"
Author: Sachs Quotes Category: Crisis Quotes
"The U.S. has a sound economy. It also has a cyclical economy. It also has stock market values right now that are hard to explain on historical norms. While it's always possible that everything can be based on the new economy, it's also quite possible that we're doing a little bit of exaggeration in just how wonderful things are."
"We were proposing, in a sense, that the rest of the world be made safe for American ideas, as they adopted intellectual property rights that gave patent protection to our very innovative economy."
Author: Sachs Quotes Category: Ideas Quotes American Economist Quotes
"In Asia, a lot of successful economies that had been living on their own saving, decided to open up their financial markets to international capital in the early 1990s. So here were countries doing quite well, but they decided they'd borrow a bit more and do even better."
Author: Sachs Quotes Category: Living Quotes American Economist Quotes
"If you have a lot of short-term debt, it means that all of that money can be demanded in a very short period of time. Technically, short-term debt means money that's coming due within a year. Typically, it means money that's coming due within 30 to 90 days."
Author: Sachs Quotes Category: Debt Quotes American Economist Quotes
"There's a lot of strength in the U.S., but there's a lot of froth also. The froth will blow off. We're going to have to face up to some realities that we're not fully facing up to right now."
Author: Sachs Quotes Category: Strength Quotes American Economist Quotes
"Russia has gone through eight years of continuing economic pain."
Author: Sachs Quotes Category: Pain Quotes American Economist Quotes
"When countries open up to trade, they generally benefit, because they can sell more, then they can buy more. And trade has two-way gain."
Author: Sachs Quotes Category: Trade Quotes American Economist Quotes
"The longer you wait, the less fun. If you wait until the bitter end, the whole economy can be destroyed."
Author: Sachs Quotes Category: Economy And Economics Quotes American Economist Quotes
"I think the IMF helped to detonate the Indonesian crisis."
Author: Sachs Quotes Category: Crisis Quotes American Economist Quotes
"In 1991, a miraculous thing happened, and that's the Soviet Union ended. So there was an opportunity to build a very healthy and new world, on the basis of the change that the Russian people themselves wanted. But for Russia to make that change was going to be one of the most remarkably difficult and complex passages imaginable."
Author: Sachs Quotes Category: Opportunity Quotes
"The essential truth for developing countries is, if you try to live by yourself, you will cut yourself off from the amazing progress of world technology. You won't be able to purchase the goods that you need from abroad, because you're not exporting to the rest of the world. You have to be part of the world system."
Author: Sachs Quotes Category: Truth Quotes
"If we continue this combination of high rhetoric and grossly insufficient action, I think the risks to (the United States ') own national security ... and the risk to global stability are very real."
Author: Sachs Quotes Category: Action Quotes
"A lot of the old apparatchiks came back in, and corruption really dramatically increased in '94/'95, particularly around Yeltsin's re-election in 1996, when the government used corrupt practices to give money to business, part of which was returned to the campaign coffers, and helped pay for Yeltsin's re-election."
Author: Sachs Quotes Category: Corruption Quotes
"There is no doubt that Malawi needs 100 percent debt cancellation as soon as possible, and I will do everything possible to speed that up."
Author: Sachs Quotes Category: Debt Quotes
"We had a booming stock market in 1929 and then went into the world's greatest depression. We have a booming stock market in 1999. Will the bubble somehow burst, and then we enter depression? Well, some things are not different."
Author: Sachs Quotes Category: Finance Quotes American Economist Quotes
"We've taken the view that if the rest of the world would democratize and create market economies, that would spread the benefits of prosperity around the world, and that it would enhance our own prosperity, and our own stability and security, as well."
Author: Sachs Quotes Category: Finance Quotes American Economist Quotes

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