Tavis Smiley Quotes

6 Tavis Smiley quotes:

"12, 13, you still lost your virginity. I don't care how old you were."
"All kinds of folk, as you can imagine, have had things to say-as you well know-over the last week and a half about what you said."
"Give that to me so I can get out of here."
"How do you grow up in the shadow of a guy-I want to talk about the movie in a second-but how do you grow up in the shadow of a guy who really is a legend in his own time?"
"I'm delighted. I don't know if he is, but I'm delighted to welcome him back to the show, this time here in person in our studios in L.A."
"I'm trying to get to a point here of how much progress we've made in this business. Were you able to find that diverse crew that you wanted?"

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