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Arnold Schwarzenegger Quotes

105 Arnold Schwarzenegger quotes:

"Today this is a site of devastation, ... but we will come together once again as Californians and as neighbors."
"We want to make sure children aren't left without any books. We want to make sure our children have the books, that they have a place in the castle. We want to make sure that their mothers have affordable day care. We want to make sure we give the older people the care that they need."
"believes the matter should be determined not by legislative action - which would be unconstitutional - but by court decision or another vote of the people of our state."
"We know the science, we see the threat and the time for action is now."
"It drove them nuts, ... But the interesting thing about it is, the following week they signed the budget exactly the way it was a week before."
"There are so many high school students who are not interested in going to a four-year college to be a doctor or lawyer but who want to learn a trade,"
"California's new law will ensure parental involvement in determining which video games are appropriate for their children. I believe strongly that we must give parents the tools to help them protect their children."
"I recognize that we also need more bipartisan cooperation to make it all happen, ... And I promise I will deliver that, because Californians believe that the state is on the wrong track. Californians believe that we need reform, we need change. But the people of California are sick and tired of all the fighting, and they are sick and tired of all those negative TV ads."
"As California is home to more legal immigrants than any other state in the country, we would shoulder a disproportionate share of this federal funding reduction,"
"I think it's common sense,"
"I think it's common sense, ... Do you want to work with someone who you are attacking? You don't have to say anything. You don't have to be sleazy and make deals."
"We can debate over this issue about what to do about the driver's license from here to eternity, ... The bottom line is what we really need to do is work on the problem. What do we do with the undocumented immigrant? What do we do with the people who want to come to the United States? What do we do with employers who need workers from Mexico?"
"get rid of our dependence on oil and move toward clean, renewable domestic energy policies."
"I've seen firsthand coming here with empty pockets but full of dreams, full of desire, full of will to succeed, but with the opportunities that I had, I could make it. This is why we have to get back and bring California back to where it once was."
"In the past few days, we have seen the power of nature cause damage and despair, ... But we will match that power with our own resolve, and we will come together as Californians and neighbors."
"I will do whatever it takes,"
"We all know that California right now is going in the wrong direction. We all know that businesses are leaving, and with them, the jobs are leaving."
"I admired Hitler, for instance, because he came from being a little man with almost no formal education up to power. And I admire him for being such a good public speaker and for what he did with it."
"I trust the people to be the best judge of conduct of a campaign when they exercise their franchise to vote, ... I am confident that they will reject candidates that use appeals to negative prejudices against any group of people."
"Everything I have, my career, my success, my family, I owe to America."
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