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Arnold Schwarzenegger Quotes

105 Arnold Schwarzenegger quotes:

"You hear about all the money it costs, and I'm not sure if it had to be done now,"
"Maria, you got to let the man do what they want to do. Because this is meant to be. He has to run. He will be a good governor. You should support him."
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"What is going to happen if everything fails? Life goes on. What do you think, I'm worried about that? I'm only thinking of one thing: victory for the people of California. I've done my trip to glorify myself, to do all my things, and to shine. I'm doing this because it gives me a chance to give something back."
"Without reform, we are destined to relive the past all over again: $22 billion deficits, higher car taxes and the threat of bankruptcy,"
"I've met with the president several times in the past. We've worked together, and we have a good working relationship, ... ... We would have appreciated it if he had done his fundraising after Nov. 8."
"Tomorrow, we begin anew, ... I feel the same tonight as that night two years ago ... You know with all my heart, I want to do the right thing for the people of California."
"I want to move things forward, and to them, it works like - they want to destroy me, ... It's a self-serving government that's all about them rather than serving the people, and it's wrong."
"I'm very much interested in stem cell research and support it 100 percent,"
"There is enough room and enough audience to have two teams. We just have to all work together and make it happen."
"I will pump up Sacramento, trust me,"
"I think the more we travel around the world and learn from various other countries, the better it is, the more we become one community rather than fighting one another."
"I didn't believe 100 percent that it's the best thing for children."
"You can count on it that we will do the right - we will pick the right choice and that we will get the right replacement,"
"courts must be especially vigilant, must vigorously resist encroachments that heighten the potential for arbitrary government action."
"In the movie business, ... we call this the sequel."
"I was looking forward to being with so many of my friends in the Mexican-American community to celebrate Mexico and its culture, ... Unfortunately, it seems that the politicians have gotten involved and I have been uninvited."
"I don't have to think about running for president because the constitution doesn't even allow me to do that."
"Proposition 76 will fix Sacramento's broken system of deficits and out-of-control tax increases,"
"Just last week I traveled with both of them to Washington to meet with the leaders in Congress, and we reminded them that California is at the tip of the spear of our nation's military capability, that we do it all."
"One of the unfortunate lessons from Katrina is that states cannot always count on the federal government for prompt disaster response and assistance,"

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