Stone Gossard Quotes

26 Stone Gossard quotes:

"There's no getting around the fact that Eddie is the man. As far as emotional and spiritual energy goes, he IS the leader of this band."
"We may take breaks and do other things, but we feel we'll ultimately have Pearl Jam as a family."
"Well, you go to Holland and everybody's on a bike - nobody would think to have a car."
"You know, at 35 or at 38 or 40 you really start to see what your body could look like if you just don't do anything all winter long. So that's another motivating factor, our vanity."
"And I think all of those get touched on with the idea of bikes and of small communities becoming more interconnected. we're pretty fractured I think."
"I've seen neighborhoods that I would have never driven though because I'm riding my bike, because I'm looking for side roads, looking for maybe more hills or less hills depending if I'm exercising or not. You see a lot more, and you get the flow of a city a lot more."

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