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12 Mary Matalin quotes:

"I was a comfort factor. I'm not a hustler."
"He who looks in the crystal ball ends up eating glass... They're way, way close."
"I am not a total, complete nitwit when it comes to selling books. I promise you there will be unexpected things. Some of them I don't know yet. She's writing it all herself."
"Well, her father's never gonna run again."
"an individual of great experience and stature, who I will honored to have playing an important role on my staff."
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"The economy is a huge issue. Peace and prosperity. That is why the president will offer -- even before the Congress comes back likely -- a growth package for investors and consumers and the market."
Author: Matalin Quotes Category: Congress Quotes
"We feel like we're in a good position in this debate ... because the president knows what he thinks, why he thinks the way that he does, what he wants to do in the future, where he wants to lead the nation, and that stands in stark contrast to his opponent."
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"will be disadvantaged in the debate."
Author: Matalin Quotes Category: Debate Quotes
"He's a scholar and somewhat of an academic, and has studied our history and America's place in the world, in history, and believes that all the progress of the last century, or a goodly portion of it -- eradication of tyrants and communism and fascism and Hitlerism -- was a direct result of the strength of the United States of America and their willingness to use their strength for good."
Author: Matalin Quotes Category: History Quotes
"It's not beyond the realm (of possibilities) that nobody's in trouble for anything, ... One of the possibilities in these things is that everybody is exonerated."
Author: Matalin Quotes Category: Trouble Quotes
"He was not careless or incautious or violate any of the [rules]. He didn't do anything he wasn't supposed to do."
Author: Matalin Quotes Category: Rules Quotes
"He does for the vice president what the vice president does for President Bush, ... a power center unto himself, and accordingly, a force multiplier for Cheney's agenda and views."
Author: Matalin Quotes Category: Power Quotes

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