Chuck Zito Quotes

13 Chuck Zito quotes:

"I belonged to another club, and liked the camaraderie."
"I was a stuntman for over fifteen years."
"I've been fighting my whole life."
"If the challenge to fight was there, I always took it."
"Let me tell you something: I have members in my charter who, after paying their rent and house bills and taking care of their families, don't even have enough money left over to pay the fifteen dollars a week dues."
"Like I said, when I was a kid, they inspired me."
"Not exactly hit them, but I've restrained a few people."
"See, I'm fortunate that I get around a lot because of my movie business."
"So from an angry lawman's mouth, the Outlaw Motorcyclists were born."
"Then we have a World Run, where representatives from all the charters meet."
"There's probably about 150 charters in the world. We're the biggest international club there is."
"Through word of mouth a lot of people know who I am. Some people see me on the screen and read about me in books and magazines and know me from there."
"When I was old enough to ride a motorcycle and got my license, I bought a '69 Sportster."

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