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Ron Klein Quotes

7 Ron Klein quotes:

"This hate crimes legislation is noncontroversial and a matter of common decency, ... It is unconscionable that in South Florida, Mr. Shaw continues to be a rubber stamp for Tom DeLay and the ultra-conservatives in Congress."
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"This is not something Floridians should compromise on, ... This compromise is not in the interests of Floridians. It's really more in the interests of the oil companies."
Author: Klein Quotes Category: Compromise Quotes
"What we are opposed to is the one-way street where profits go to the insurance company but the risk stays on the homeowner,"
Author: Klein Quotes Category: Company Quotes
"Last week was good. The customer shifted into gift-giving categories and I am optimistic the month will finish out strong. We did significantly better in areas that were not impacted by the strike. The customer feels positive."
Author: Klein Quotes Category: Giving Quotes
"I think our voters have made it clear. Unless someone can demonstrate to me that having larger class sizes is better than having smaller class sizes, I'm not going to support it."
"It's not just a hurricane. It's the demand for gas in China... We're paying $3 a gallon, and the oil companies are making historic profits every quarter."
"Unfortunately, it's another example of mismanagement on the part of Citizens, ... I would hope that in a bipartisan way we can get to the bottom of what it takes to fix Citizens."
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